Our History

United Mutual Insurance Company

The first of Missouri’s mutual insurance companies were organized in 1859 by German immigrants in Hermann, Missouri when the so-called “eastern” insurance companies refused to offer them insurance coverage.

The mutual insurance movement grew rapidly from 1870 to the early 1900’s, again, primarily because at that time, the farm population of the state found it difficult, if not impossible, to find insurance coverage. Families in rural, as well as town communities, formed agreements to protect one another from various catastrophes that threatened their property. Since that time, mutual companies have grown to become a consistent source of valuable insurance protection for those they insure.

Today, just as it was in the past, your mutual insurance company is owned by its policyholders. The company is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the policyholders.

Even though your mutual insurer looks much different than it did over a century ago, the same basic philosophy remains. To provide a valuable alternative for the insurance needs of the communities we serve.